Our own process, DEE (Dissolution Emulsion Extraction), is a unique method (patent registered) for extracting the active substances in two steps, when the active substance exists extremely low in the natural sources. By DEE, we can easily extract and separate the active substances which exists less than 0.1% in dry basis.

1 Kg of dried material(Active Substance 1 g)

2step 98%

Separation of over 98% of active substances in a two-step process

DEE consists of just 2 steps, total extraction and separation, which use only non-toxic solvents. Our own method provides safety and productivity for commercialization.

CMX™(patent pending) is our own natural material made by DEE. It contains brevilin A which is highly expensive and rare. CMX™ shows dual mechanism pharmacologically, which had been proved and published.

“Anacell” is the world’s first commercial product besed on “Wnt activation” for alopecia treatment. We plan to develop new drugs for other indications, such as OA, RA, and NASH.

Me-True® is a smart polymer technology developed for women’s vaginal problem. Depending on pH level, the active substance A controls the release of the active substance B. Thus, the smart polymer mimics the lactobacillus effectively.

Biodegradable polymer with biocompatibility that is harmless to the human body
The active substance A is biocompatible and biodegradable polymer which can suppress the biofilm physically. The active substance B keeps the pH level effectively for lactobacillus. Me-True® can keep the vaginal environment healthy.
Provide a healthy habitat for probiotics
The main ingredient A in the form of a gel containing the main ingredient B releases the same ingredients as probiotics to induce a stable and quick effect, and can create an environment where probiotics can live in a healthy way.