• Pharmacology / Mechanism

    Prof. Ki Sung Kang

    • Efficacy evaluation
    • Animal model reserch
    • POC
  • Pharmaceutical process development

    Prof. Dong Wook Kim

    • CMC/QbD(DS/DP) development
    • Manufacturing process development and technology transfer (domestic/overseas)
    • Formulation development and CTD
  • Natural material

    Prof. Jaesung Pyo

    • Manufacturing method (DEE) and process (DS) development
    • Material separation and structural polishing
    • Selection of active and indicator substances
  • Medicinal chemical synthesis

    Prof. Hwayoung Yun

    • New drug synthesis process development
    • Hit to Lead optimization
    • Antibody-Drug Polymer Design (ADC)
  • Pharmacokinetics

    Prof. Tae Kon Kim

    • Metabolic research
    • Structural suitability
    • Toxicity study
  • Drug delivery system

    Prof. Chun-Woong Park

    • Development and evaluation of new formulations
    • Inhalant platform research
  • Efficacy evaluation

    Prof. Yoon-seok Roh

    • Animal model study
    • Inflammation and liver metabolism
    • NASH model research and product evaluation